Design Envisioned

Work and share in a whole new way using the power of Vusar's immersive visualization environment.

Your Customers

Enhance sales and marketing efforts by conveying a richer, more impactful message. Allow your customers to interact with your products in a whole new way and gain insight into your customer's interaction with product collateral so you can get to ‘yes’ quicker.

Your Teams

Empower technical teams to ensure product development success. Whether conducting design reviews, prototyping, or determining efficacy in manufacturing, our application allows you to interact with your digital assets and models more intuitively.

Your Vision

Enable managers and leaders to connect the vision and direction of their design processes across the organization with greater efficiency and accuracy. Shorten development cycles, align work-flows, and improve inter-departmental collaboration.

Your Data

Connect your digital assets with relevant enterprise documentation and other related files. Access product information from an object oriented and human centered methodology. Create and share additional content that is relevant to your design process.



Always have your 3D designs with you, ready for review on Android and iOS.


Upload, view, and share your CAD models with your team, on the go.


Rotate, translate, resize, and bring your designs to true scale in the real world.


Save multiple 3D assets into a scene and share them with your teams, and others.


Connect collateral data and relevant work flows to your designs.


Manage your 3D assets, teams, and settings on both web and app.

Vusar currently supports the following file types:
.step, .obj, .stl, .fbx


Try us out
  • Vusar Studio features
  • Five uploads
  • Save scenes
  • Share up to three design projects
Single user
  • Includes all Free features
  • +Unlimited uploads
  • +Share unlimited design projects
  • Connect digital collateral to your designs
Five users
  • Includes all Pro features
  • +Team Drive
  • +Share team objects
  • $5 per additional users

Our Team


Chief Executive Officer
Aaron heads the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing and business development.


Chief Product Officer
Brenden leads product management and design. He is responsible for the core products and features.


Chief Technology Officer
Gokul oversees the software development, design teams, and project management functions.

Vusar is an immersive visualization tool for design consumers to interact intelligently with their product design and collaborate with their customers and their teams.

Never have we been so connected, yet disconnected at the same time. The technologies of today have confined us to our digital silos and we strive to break down those barriers that hold us back from meaningfully connecting with one another.

We seek to bring a more productive and engaging experience to the way we interact with one another. Because we believe that when we come together to design the future, we are better when we are immersed in a more collaborative environment.